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Counterfeiting causes more than 500 billion dollars in losses per year.

With the advent of e-commerce, users do not have the right tools to identify genuine products from fakes, cert.in.chain.E-COMMERCE fixes that.

Brands and e-commerce companies can now identify bad actors.

cert.in.chain.RETAIL uses a combination of blockchain and product registration using the smartphone.

cert.in.chain.RETAIL is inexpensive, simple and fast to market.




  • Instant verification of its authenticity.
  • The user does not need to download the brand app previously, the smartphone camera will automatically forward the user to the Application Store in case it doesn’t have it installed.
  • Reverse logistics, the brand can re-issue a certificate and kill the previous one in case of a product return.
  • Our main business model is SAAS, brand only pays when issuing a certificate.
  • We can give the brands the SDK and API to integrate our solution in their apps, and logistics (ERP), or we can do it ourselves(1).
  • By registering, the brand can open a direct channel with the consumer, push promotions and obtain metrics.
  • The certificate is unalterable, transparent and traceable.
  • It’s inexpensive and simple, it can be 100% digital, and optionally companies can add a simple QR to the product, no hardware, no special printing ink, or high-resolution printers. If needed we can work around with already generated barcodes if they contain a unique serial number(2).
  • On high-value products, official certifiers might get access to the brand back-office and re-assign the owner. The brand can charge for the re-certification. In this way, the secondary customer will get the certification of ownership to his/her name and brands will monetize this action and maintains the certification ecosystem closed.
  • Every certification and re-certification will have an Operator Id, which means, the brands always know, what person or entity generates the certificate.
  • Can be used in conjunction with cert.in.chain.RETAIL and have the entire ecosystem certified.
  • Can be used in conjunction with trace.in.chain or third party traceability solution(1)(2).

(1) Additional quote required.
(2) Some limitations may apply.