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Fake News and the spread of misinformation are a threat to our democracy.

It may cause irreversible damage to companies and people, to tackle this cert.in.chain.MEDIA allows authors to create a News Origins Certificate (N.O.C.) that can be easily reviewed by the readers, by clicking the hyperlink or scanning with their smartphone the unique QR attached to the news.




  •  Instant verification of authenticity and origins.
  • The user does not need to download the brand app previously, the smartphone camera will automatically forward the user to the Application Store in case it doesn’t have it installed.
  • Our main business model is SAAS, mediums, journalists and influencers only pays when issuing a certificate.
  • The authors can do revisions, and every revision will be included in the blockchain, readers can browse and audit those revisions.
  • Es barato y simple, solo agrega el requerimiento de agregar un hipervínculo y/o un QR a la noticia..
  • The certified news portal can be used by third parties or government entities that only trust on certified news and also can be used to track who made the scoop first.
  •  If media outlets feel the QR is too invasive, we can use steganography instead
  • The certificate is unalterable, transparent, traceable and auditable.
  • Data is normalized and facilitate order, queries, reports and Big Data.