We removed the uncertainty of the public blockchains, so we can build the next generation products on them right now.

The Problem

As a blockchain solution company we want to create products that use the technology to solve real problems, but, below all the hype of public blockchains there are some issues.

Scaling and Crypto Volatility: The price of running a smart contracts is volatile, at one time it may cost 10 cents and the next 2 dollars, that’s only because the congestion of the blockchain in use, and since the price of running those contracts is also tied to the price of the crypto assets, big changes also affects your final cost.

Privacy: Public chains and sensible data are not made in heaven. (That Public Part)

Life Expectancy: It’s the Wild West. Nobody knows if the selected blockchain for your product will survive in 5 years, and if it’s gone, the data is gone, and your product is done.

So, in the end, you cannot assure a fixed cost to your clients, without charging a lot or signing some trigger clauses, private and sensible data is a mine field, and you cannot guarantee everything will be peachy in 5 years.

The Block M3 Solution

Our stack is blockchain agnostic, in real time, we dynamically switch blockchains depending on cost and speed. In this way, we can target the desired cost and speed. We named it Blockchain cascading.

In our products the private data can be encrypted before storing them in the chain and keys can be stored in a country of choice, with or without expiration. Compiling with GDPR, in spirit with “data within borders” and the right to be forgotten.

Private data can also be stored in the country of choice, hashed and the hash stored in the blockchain. (For countries with no private data legislation on blockchains).

We already hedging the risk of a blockchain downfall, by using several ones, but we also reserve part of the product price in case of that singularity. In case of downfall, we remove the blockchain from our stack, and with the reserve we batch re-issue all the data in a living one.