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Fake drugs kill more than 250.000 children per year.

cert.in.chain.PHARMA helps patients identify genuine from fake drugs, with blockchain and sell registration.

Allows laboratories and health carriers to make recalls, register doses and adverse effects.

cert.in.chain.PHARMA is inexpensive, simple and fast to market.




  • Instant verification of its authenticity.
  • The patient does not need to download the brand app previously, the smartphone camera will automatically forward the user to the Application Store in case it doesn’t have it installed.(1).
  • The application can automatically notify the patient when to take the dose if the prescription is included, it can also register when the dose is taken.
  • The application enables the users to register adverse effects.
  • The application can notify the patient about a possible recall of the drug.
  • If necessary, the application can support blind people(2)
  • Our main business model is SAAS, the brand only pays when issuing a certificate.
  • We can give the brands the SDK and API to integrate our solution in their apps, and logistics (ERP), or we can do it ourselves(2).
  • The certificate is unalterable, transparent and traceable.
  • Additional archives like drug composition, posology, adverse effects, etc. can be added at creation time.
  • It’s inexpensive and simple, it only has the requirement of adding a QR or Datamatrix to the product, no hardware, no special printing ink, or high-resolution printers. If needed we can work around with already generated DataMatrix if they contain a unique serial number(3).
  • Can be used in conjunction with trace.in.chain or third party traceability solution(2)(3).

(1) Only supported with QR.
(2) Additional quote required.
(3) Some limitations may apply.