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Control the enviromental impact of the pesticides.

With you can trace and audit the agro-toxics from the cradle to the grave.

The mismanagement of empty containers of agrochemical products, posing a risk to the environment and the health of people. Each year, tons of waste from empty containers are dumped in a non-adequate way, not only that, comptrollers often, do not have enough information of who, what, where, when and how much of the product is applied.





  • The Actors can control the traceable information, making it partial or totally visible only to the designated participants.
  • The content is unalterable, transparent and traceable.
  • Each link of the distribution chain fulfills the assigned duties (product registration at the entrance and the exit) they benefit from passing the responsibility to the next link, because of that, auditing can pinpoint where product should be at any time and who is responsible.
  • Companies can connect to our Cloud using an API or our SAP Module which minimizes the cost and the time to integrate.


  • Comply with Personal Data legislation.
  • Allow private data to expire (right to be forgotten).
  • It complies with the principles of the "data within borders" legislation.

  • It accelerates the exchange of information and the verification tasks.
  • It eliminates the need of exchange of papers, forms, etc.
  • Data is normalized and facilitate order, queries, reports and Big Data.
  • It allows adding additional documents as attachments.
  • It increases the confidence of the ecosystem, given the impossibility of digital counterfeiting.
  • We can customize the Mobile App(1).


  • Freedom to choose and change blockchain (blockchain agnostic).
  • It has controlled operating costs (independent of the volatility of the crypto market).
  • As SAAS (Software as a Service) software is only paid when used and does not require additional hardware or software.

(1) Additional quote required.

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