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cert.in.chain is a cloud software that allows Organizations create and publish documents and certificates on Blockchains, to deliver them to their Clients so that their authenticity can be easily verified by Third parties


As an anti-fraud tool to eradicate the possibility that the information contained in its Certificates may be falsified, manipulated or altered in any way.


These documents and certificates that are published through our software in the cloud, contain a hyperlink/QR code and can be delivered to Clients both in paper and electronic format.

In this way, when these Clients need to demonstrate the authenticity to Third parties, they can present this hyperlink/QR code, through the use of OUR mobile Application (IOS and Android), they can see directly the document or certificate published in the Blockchain.





  • Instant verification of its authenticity.
  • Customers can choose the delivery method: electronic and/or paper.
  • The content is unalterable, transparent and traceable.
  • Supports public auditing of content.
  • The issuer can control the status of the issued certificate (preventive cancellation or modification).


  • Freedom to choose and change blockchain (blockchain agnostic).
  • It has controlled operating costs (independent of the volatility of the crypto market).
  • As SAAS (Software as a Service) software is only paid when used and does not require additional hardware or software.


  • Comply with Personal Data legislation.
  • Allow private data to expire (right to be forgotten).
  • It complies with the principles of the "data within borders" legislation.

  • It allows you to anticipate what will be the new world standard in information security.
  • We can customize the Mobile App to the Brand of your organization(1).


  • It increases the prestige of the issuer, providing a solution that minimizes the bribe, given the public auditability of the generated certificates.
  • It accelerates the exchange of information and the verification tasks of certificates.
  • It eliminates the need for security paper, watermarks and other similar measures.
  • The storage of the data is indefinite, and independent of the damage due to the passage of time and manipulation.
  • Maintains history of changes or renewals.
  • Certificate updates are automatic (even those already delivered to third parties).
  • Data is normalized and facilitate order, queries, reports and Big Data.
  • It allows adding additional documents as attachments to the Certificates.
  • It increases the confidence of the ecosystem Issuer - Client - Third Parties, given the impossibility of digital counterfeiting.

(1) Additional quote required.